Invitation Addressing Etiquette Cheat Sheet

In the beginning it's all Pinterest boards and pretty flowers... but now you've got more questions than answers and this awful E-word keeps rearing it's ugly head.  I gotchu girl.

I hope I'm not alone in saying my least favorite part of wedding planning is having to know every rule of etiquette and knowing when to address what to whom. 

Not only are you trying to figure out how to do it the right way, you're also just trying to figure out how not to offend anyone, not to mention you have 10 million other "to-dos" on your long list. 

pinterest button - envelope addressing cheat sheet.jpg

So, in hopes of making your life just a little bit easier at midnight when you sit down to compile your address list featuring all of your most favorite people (and some of your mom's best friend's cousins), I've made a little Envelope Addressing Cheat Sheet.  Feel free to print this out and use it as a guide while you format your guest list for invitation envelope addressing!

Plus, as a little bonus, now that you have your list figured out, here are a couple of quick tips for prepping your guest list to send off to your calligrapher:

  • Don't wait too late to book your calligrapher. Calendars can get a little crazy, especially around wedding season.  The right calligrapher is ready and waiting to help take some of the stress off your shoulders in welcoming your favorite people to your special ceremony though!  It's a good idea to get on their calendar as early as you can to ensure you can snag a spot with the artist you love.  So how early is too early and when's too late to request envelope addressing? Give your calligrapher at least few weeks from the time you hand over your envelopes and your formatted list before you wish to have invitations sent out to your guests, longer if its during peak season, otherwise you could risk running into rush fees.  And so long as you have your final list and don't expect additions, too early is hardly ever an issue!
  • Format your list. Check with them but most will prefer either an Excel document or a Word document and some will even provide a guide for you to use.
  • Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self. Okay but seriously, double check your list for spelling, titles and addresses.
  • Provide at least 10% additional envelopes. Even those of us that do this for a living make mistakes when we're focused on making that letter just so.  Plus, it's a good idea to include extras for those few additions you might have to add along the way!


Enjoy and happy list making!