For The Love Of Paper

Bibliosmia (n.) 

The smell or aroma of a good book

You know that smell when you crack the cover of a good book? Like the one that you can't help but take a big gulp of? Apparently there's a word for that.  There's a word for most anything really. Just spend 20 minutes looking up "the fear of..." list and you'll see what I mean.

Calligraphy in it's own right is the art of focusing on the little details of words and letters.  That's really what keeps me coming back-- Telling beautiful stories in words and there's always room to adjust, adventure, or create with an unexpected swoop here or embellishment and flourish there.  It's art in words. 

Growing up there are two things my Mama thought I'd become -- a lawyer or a writer.  Apparently, I always had an opinion and was never shy in sharing it.  I can hear my husband right now saying, "some things never change." Needless to say, I'm no Hemingway and I hope to not see a courtroom this side of the next 50 years, but she wasn't entirely wrong.  Words and paper still hold a pretty special place in my heart and I like to think I'm telling stories with written words, just a tad differently than Mom might have guessed.

Now, before I say this, I want to be clear -- I love texting, the hug emoji, and saving my Monday morning to-dos on my online Trello board just like every other Millennial (yes, I'm identifying with my generation, this is scary) but hear me out.  There's something about handwriting and paper that just can't be replicated.  Sure, typing is faster.  Maybe that's the point though, you had to take the time to craft each letter with intention.  And, gut check, would you prefer a love e-mail? Nope. Give me a note on ratty and ripped notebook paper (circa 2006) or a sticky note that doesn't quite stick anymore. I'm pretty happy with that. 

When you greet your wedding guests with paper, a hand written thank you for joining you in celebration, a hand-drawn map of your hometown or an escort card with their name carefully and lovingly crafted letter by letter, what are you saying?  Paper is a small "I love you" in a world of keyboards, touch screens and digital images.  There's something to be said for the tangible and preservable quality of paper from a day so special.  I love knowing that what I'm making may one day be in a Grandmother's scrapbook. 

This is why I have a continued love Affair with paper.  

So much so that this is me on our wedding day (shout out to the most AMAZING photogs, Graham + Sam for capturing this moment) writing out a handwritten note to be delivered to Vance reflecting on our 8 years together.  We read these at the same time, hours before our ceremony with a voice shook by tears. And isn't it funny how you miss someone even more when you see their handwriting?

Yes, I'm still that girl keeping a handwritten baby book for Hayes and working in my paper planner with my sticky notes next to my computer.  Vance and I still have boxes of our handwritten love notes to each other from our high school days at the top of my closet (and yes, we've re-read some of them, heaven help us). 

Let's end this with a double-dog-dare, okay?  I dare you to take a minute, or a few, out of your iPhone-lovin', keyboard-clicking, Amazon-shopping week to write a little handwritten note to someone in your life.  An "I love you" or even a few words of encouragement, and I bet you'll find your simplest words mean more on paper than through your cell phone screen.


Can't wait to hear about your love notes!